Intervention center – program for perpetrators of gender-based violence

About the project:

Intervention center – program for perpetrators of gender-based violence

Supported by the sum of 188 377 euros.

A home must be a safe place for everybody.

In Slovakia, there has not been  any  program for perpetrators of gender-based violence applied. Research shows, that the key to eliminating gender-based violence is to take a complex multidisciplinary approach, where the change of perpetrator’s behavior through application of special intervention education program is one of the key actions.

The objective to start implementing such a kind of program in Slovak justice system was achieved. Based on the application of this intervention program, the prison system has created an internal guideline how to systematically incorporate this program into other processes in order to strengthen effectiveness of working with perpetrators of gender based violence.


The implementation of the project was ended by april 2017 (from december 2015).

The beneficiary and implementer

The Alliance of Women in Slovakia


  1. KTÁ (Karlar til ábyrgdar) – Partner 1
  2. Bratislavský samosprávny kraj – Partner 2
  3. Aliancia žien – Cesta spáť – Partner 3
  4. Asociácia supervízorov a sociálnych poradcov – Partner 4

The project is devoted to

  • women – victims of gender-based violence
  • institutions that are in contact with the perpetrators of violence against women
  • wide professional, but also general public

The main outputs

  • leading two groups of intervention programs for perpetrators of gender-based violence within the prison system
  • offering and providing counselling for partners of group participants
  • educating four trainers of the program
  • creating short movies as supporting material for the program
  • informing connected state institutions and organizations about the existence of the program

Results of implementation

Immediate result was the first two groups of perpetrators attending the program, results or achievements in the long term will show after the perpetrators will quit their sentences in prison.

As our main target is the safety of women, who were experiencing violence in their relationships, the most relevant indicator of successful implementation will be the future reoffending rate of participants.

The project contract to see here

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